Map Cutting board project

Hey all! The team and I recently knocked out this project:

It’s map cutting board that was done with router and laser all in one. I thought it was pretty neat, and hopefully you all do as well.

I’ll be talking about a similar (and even cooler) version of this project at the Vectric User group this week: Online User Group Meeting 2023 | Vectric


Hey @Eric , that is pretty darn cool! Thanks for sharing. I quite enjoy seeing all the different ways ppl end up using these machines to make all sorts of stuff.

Very cool Eric. Seems like a lot of work for a cutting board, but it is unique. Was wondering about the hygiene of this project. Has your wife washed it yet for example? Maybe epoxy the the surface to fill in places where food might be hard to remove?

Thanks Kenneth!

@gordo This is likely going to be used in a more decorative situation. If it were for day in/day out use I think I’d have approached this differently.