Maximum weight on gantry with nema 34

Good day.
What would be the maximum weight on a gantry of the 5x10 size that the nema 34 can move without any issues. I already have 2 z axis but I want to add/ fabricate an attachment that will move no faster than probably 12"/min or slower.

Thank you!

Oooh… It really doesn’t like any more weight than is necessary. One of my first tool magazine style designs was about 20 pounds and cause a fair amount of ringing. I have a dual axis hanging off the X axis carriage so the magazine was mounted next to the plasma torch.

I also removed the Fog Buster from being mounted on the X axis carriage because the slosh from the half gallon would show up on the surfaces as well. For the longest time I would only keep about a cup in it. Eventually I moved it down to where I keep the plasma inverter and just ran a really long dual hose line.

I am also working to motorize the carrier for the dust and swarf vacuum system because that also adds artifacts by yanking on the gantry.

If you are cutting wood then I would say about 20 pounds is the limit. Metal and plastics or you are doing laser work, go as light as possible.

To clarify, it’s not a question of power. It’s a question of rigidity. These machines are very light and anything extra weight wise will show up as ringing or flex in surface and cut quality.