Optimized Dust Shoe/Manifold for 4HP Avid Spindle

Hi all,

I wanted to share a custom dust shoe I designed and created for the Avid 4HP spindle. This is a super functional and sleek solution for dust extraction.

I was so excited at how well it worked, I figured others would like it too, so I listed it on Etsy. If you’re interested in something like this for your machine check out:

Dust Manifold Avid CNC 4HP 75mm - Etsy

It is 3D printed with magnetic attachments.

Let me know if you have any questions!



Very impressive. 4” hose?

Thanks! Yes, what is shown is the 4" version. It would be easy enough to create a larger version for a 5" or 6" hose. I just released my dust shoe design for sale, so I thought I would wait until I get a request for the larger hose size before building one.

Wow, a lot of plastic there.

Not sure about that particular spindle but most spindles will get to the glass temp of most plastics in less than an hour of run time under load.

How do you compensate for heat in that design?


I’ve ran mine for close to an hour and checked it out after warming up to operating temperature. It appeared to hold up perfectly well.

I think what is helping counter-act the heat of the spindle are 2 things: One being the airflow from the spindle blower through the extruded aluminum motor housing and the second being the airflow from the dust collection through the dust manifold. Those two things prevent the heat from building up by carrying the heat away.


Cool. That wasn’t the case for my 3D printed shoe. It sagged and things got really “ugly!”

Best of luck!

I saw your design on another post here. I am interested in the design, but my machine has the Avid 3 hp air cooled spindle. Will this design work with my spindle motor?

I am only familiar with the newer 4HP spindle, but from looking at older pictures, it looks like a similar setup with a few differences. The cable carrier looks to be mounted lower on the Z-axis plate and I am unsure what the diameter of the collar is on the 3HP spindle.

If you are interested in getting a dust manifold solution made for your spindle, I would be willing to work with you on trying to develop a version that fits. I would need to have you provide pictures and measurements and we could go from there.


I’ll get some photos and dimensions for you to look at when I’m back at the shop tomorrow.

My spindle never went to more than maybe 130 F after even 8 hour runs. Of course I dont make huge 8 hour long deep cuts either.

I dont think temp would be an issue as long as the fan isn’t blocked. Actually, with my 3HP and even my 1.5 HP collector that design(if I am looking at it right) seems to move the air right next to the spindle, that may actually keep it cooler rather than make it hotter.

what material do you use to print them?

They have been printed using Polymaker PLA. However, I am upgrading my printer right now to switch to Polymaker ABS. I just recently started selling the dust shoe and PLA is what I knew how to print best. It also performs great on my machine with no issues with heat or abrasion.

I recognize ABS would be a better fit for this application, so it makes sense to invest a little to be able to print in ABS long term.

I have the dust manifolds printing from ABS now! They’re coming out super clean. ABS will double the heat resistance and help with the durability. I stated before that I wasn’t super concerned about heat affecting the PLA with the airflow around the parts, but I also know one of PLA’s weaknesses is low heat resistance. So, for the long-term game ABS is a safer bet when CNC Joe uses his machine in unexpected ways. :smirk:

In other news, I have added another version for sale! Recently listed is the 3 HP GMT spindle version (79mm collar):

Dust Manifold Avid CNC 3HP 79mm - Etsy

Thanks to Bfowler for working with me to help develop the fitment for the 3 HP version!

I like the design; if you make one for a 6" hose connection, I would buy it. Is this a possibility?

I would be able to make a 6" version. The difficult part is finding the time right now. I’ve had an influx of requests for new versions (8.7HP) along with hose size variations. I’m currently working through those, but I could start on a 6" for the 3HP right after. Check my reply on Etsy with some more of the timing details.

Thanks for your interest!