Run Gcode From Here

Has anyone ever used this?

It is quite confusing, Anyone recommend a video on this. And Eric I borrowed your pic while searching for info on this…

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Sure, used it on occasion. I think the only ‘gotcha’ to be aware of is to fully understand what your restart point is actually doing, relative to where the tool is now and where you want it to be next.

In general, if I stop and intend to restart in the middle (rather than rewind and cut air for a while), I raise my Z clear of any hard points and select an X/Y move line before a Z move and turn my rapids down. This allows time to see what it’s going to do upon Cycle Start and react if necessary. Never had it do the wrong thing - it’s pretty good at following directions.

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I have also used it on occasion. Remeber to use the “set next line” button before you re-start, and after you find the code line you want to start at. Otherwise it will start at the first line of the code.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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I’ve had it fail to start because it needed to be in G18 mode but was in G17. It just stayed put and showed an error, I think because the arc command was inconsistent with G17. It took me a few minutes to figure it out.

I have a vague memory of boring into my spoilboard because of a mismatched modal, but I can’t remember what the issue was.


Generalizing, … Add to that, all other G-Code ‘modal’ commands need to be accounted for. I’ve been bit by absolute vs incremental with this. (G90/G91) In addition, work space offsets, etc. One has to think about all the lines of code they are skipping over that “may” have left something setup that now no longer is if we jump over it, or may have been left set when a program was halted in the middle, etc…