Vertical milling with the benchtop pro

Has anybody set up their bench top pro to do vertical milling? I’d love to hear your ideas. The idea I have is to move the front crossmember back one screw position which would give me a few inches or so of space to mill the edge of a board in the front of the machine. Any other ideas?

That’s what I did. Seems to work ok. I added a piece of BB 3/4" ply (24x8") to the front cross member with “T” slots for workholding. Check for square with your spoilboard; I had to do a bit of shimming to square it up.
I set the front ply flush with the top of the spoilboard. I think I would have been better off setting it to the bottom and flushing the front edge of the spoilboard to the face of the ply.

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Thanks for your help!