Laser and Coroplast

Hello Folks,can the Avid Laser cut 1/8" Coroplast? that can be made in CO2 but don’t know if diode can

I would assume so (as long as it isn’t clear), but I don’t know for sure since I’ve never tried it. It will cut 1/8" baltic birch plywood, so corrugated plastic should be pretty easy.

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Coroplast is polypropylene which I believe isn’t safe for laser cutting.

Not sure what you’re cutting but I’ve had great luck with a dragknife:

That was a rocket I designed and made out of Coroplast for a trade show booth. All dragknife cut. The holes were drilled using the spindle.


Thanks for the pdf info,I cut a lot of Coroplast with dragknife but I was looking for a faster way,according to this datasheet is absolutely unsafe use laser,thanks a lot