Mach4 Crashing on file load/run

I am having a problem with Mach4 crashing when I load a file.

I updated my VCarve Pro a few weeks ago.

I created a file to make a new vacuum table and it will crash Mach4 either when I try to load the file or run the file. I then updated Mach4 to the latest version from AVID. No change to the problem. I loaded and ran a file the was created on the older version (9.5) of VCarve and it ran just fine.

I feel like this is a VCarve issue. any ideas on other trouble shooting steps I should take?

Mach4 2.4.3

ESS v298

VCarve 11.506 - machine setup to AVID PRO48x96 w/ latest post processor

Thank you in advance.

If you can share the file I’m sure someone will be happy to look and see if anything seems unusual.

Vacuum Table v3-02.pdf (245.2 KB)
Here is a PDF version of the tool path file

Heya cory,

This doesn’t crash my Mach4 when I load it, but it does display funny characters in one spot - maybe that’s related? It’s the symbol for ‘degrees’ in your tool description from the VCarve tool database. It also repeats later in the file when the tool is called for. Maybe change that in VCarve and output it again?

In Mach4:

In a text editor:

Ill give that a try. Thank you for looking at this.

I also tried your code with clean installs of Avid Mach4 and generic Mach4 and even Mach3 without issues. The funny characters in the tool description have always been a “feature” of Vectric products and have never created an issue for me. Maybe a clean install of Avid Mach4? As long as you have not modified the screens or added features the re-install is pretty straight forward. Good Luck!