USB Drive issue!

Today I loaded a G code form a usb drive. As always… looked over the toolpath view and settings an everything looked good! It was a one line text carving. So I started the machine it ran to the end an stopped dead in its tracks. So i cleared the code an reloaded it sure a nuff the last 5-10 lines were missing!.. So i pulled the usb drive out an put it back in reloaded the same g code and everything was there this time. So I’m wondering to my self how long has this been going on!! I had other issues/ problems before thinking i messed up something in the cad/cam… The usb drive is less then 6 months old along with usb expander…:thinking:
Just wanted to mention this if your having some problems…

Are you actually loading it directly from the USB drive into Mach4? If so, I wouldn’t do that. Copy it from the USB to your computer (a temp directory, your desktop, whatever) so that it is on your hard drvie, and load it from there.

USB drives are very slow, and if you bump it or something it could disconnect. Even though you are loading it into Mach4, it still keeps an active connection to that file until you unload the Gcode so its best to have it on the hard drive.

It may have nothing to do with your file corruption issue, I’m just pointing out that its better to have it local on the machine.

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Yes that’s a good point I should do that!! Thanks!! I’ll be doing that from now on…

Yeah, especially old USB 2.0 devices. Some people keep those things around and they are terrible performance and cause problems.

Never use a storage device other than the primary HD in winderz.

What is funny is my 22 year old Atom processor based LinuxCNC for the X3 conversion has never had a problem cutting from USB devices or network drives.

Go figger…

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One other thing just to be safe is eject the drive.

Yes thanks guys!! I’ll let you know on the next project so far so good!

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