Sometimes the wood grain makes the project

I saw the post from @Eric a short while back (Slab planing for a headboard) about surfacing and epoxy sealing a slab on the AVIDcnc router. It reminded me of a specific step in a project I finished up just this last fall, and when one finally gets a first ‘real’ look at the wood they are using for a project. There is that moment when you just know you’ve got a winner, and it is usually the wood, grain, texture, shape, color that tells you.

In the photo below I had just applied a first coat of polyurethane to the bottom of some teak planks after they came off the AVIDcnc and it was at this point that I knew the project could not go wrong. Sure, these are just the bottom of the planks but once you see this, you just know…

There is just something about having the “right” wood for a project.